Kyung Ret

As we practice and studying a traditional martial art which is based on respect and discipline, bowing in Tang Soo Do training is of the most importance.

Our training involves dangerous combat techniques and without respect and discipline the techniques may be used in a negative manner to yourself or to others.

The physical action of bowing shows constant mental awareness and concentration. It shows respect towards yourself, your partner, what you are doing, and toward the art of Tang Soo Do.

When & why do we bow

  • To your instructor when entering the Do Jang.

  • To recognize the senior members when you enter the Do Jang.

  • To acknowledge senior members when they enter the Do Jang.

  • At the start and completion of any partner work.

  • To thank senior members when you receive instruction or corrections.

  • To acknowledge a mistake during training.

  • On asking and answering a question from a senior members during class.

  • On being excused from class.

Junior members always bow to senior members first.