Weh Kung, Neh Kung, and Shim Kung.

Weh Kung (external power)

The fundamental application of Weh Kung in your training is the use of one’s waist          (Hu Ri twul gi). One of the most important areas of emphasis in our training is the proper use of the waist (Hu Ri) in both defensive and offensive moves. The proper use of your waist (Hi Ri) will help you to create energy (power) to complete a perfect technique, and this in an efficient manner with a minimum effort. The actual movement of your physical waist (Hu Ri) is very visible. Another part of the external power is the development of the muscles and soupleness by training at regular times, all external power is very visible.

Neh Kung (internal power)

The fundamental Neh Kung application in your training is in your breathing. Any performance without proper breathing has no life in its movement. Tension and relaxation (Shin Chook) are closely related with Neh Kung. Shin Chook (tension and relaxation) is one of the eight key concepts in Tang Soo Do, and is the most important factor when developing power.

Shim Kung (mental/spiritual power)

Shim Kung training includes both your mental and spiritual well-being. Shim Kung is our attitude, our discipline (Moo Do). There are many aspects and a wide range of development possible, in Shim Kung. Perceverance, concentration and character will be developed trough regular training in Tang Soo Do. This is also very usefull and important in our daily life.